Here's what our Big White Wall members have to say

The best decision I ever made

I don’t think I’d be in the place I am now. Definitely it’s the best decision I ever made.

Non-judgemental ...
people genuinely care

Big White Wall has turned out to be my lifeline.. people genuinely care. Practical advice, emotional support or just an understanding ear.. non-judgemental, compassionate and kind.

No Judgements, just support

Useful website when you are feeling low‚ no judgements, just support.

Safe, anonymous place ...
without the fear of being recognized

The website is a safe, anonymous place where you can say what is worrying you without the fear of being recognized. The members are very kind and helpful and my experiences have been positive for 98% of the time. I did have a problem with a troll who was saying stuff I didn't like but the wall guides were soon on top of it and that person was removed from the membership and so could no longer send negative comments to others who have from moderate to severe depression, PTSD and thoughts of suicide. What a godsend. It has saved me and for that I am grateful.

I could actually say
what I wanted to

I felt I could actually say what I wanted to, rather than in a time-pressured environment of counselling appointment.


Really useful

Being able to talk online to other people about that was really, really useful. Otherwise, I would have kept it all bottled up.

Its a life saver ...
I wouldn’t be without it

Like a lot of other people on here, I don’t know where I’d be without BWW. Knowing there’s someone there 24/7, encouraging you to express yourself and help others; it's a life saver. The team always respond to you so you feel there’s always someone there, which means so much. It took time for me to see just what a good design it is, but now I wouldn’t be without it.

Positive changes

It helped identify particular stresses in my life and take steps to make positive changes


More confidence

Big White Wall gave me more confidence in talking about my issues

I discovered Big White Wall
at just the right time

I discovered Big White Wall at just the right time, I'm a depressive but have found so much help, the invaluable support of the wall guides, the chance to try and use my personal 'bricks' to put my thoughts and feelings into substance. I would rate the site highly every time.

This is invaluable!!

BWW is great, when I don't feel like I have anywhere to turn, I still have BWW. This is invaluable!!

Big White Wall brought
me back from the edge

I had not talked to anyone about what was going on. I was starting to scare myself. Big White Wall brought me back from the edge. Recently I wrote a last post to say to people there how I was back on track thanks to their support and the wall guides. I hope I don't need it again but it is good to know it is there if I do.

Led to me to open up

I talked about something that I hadn’t felt able to discuss before, which then led me to open up about it to my counsellor.