Big White Wall (BWW) is a digital platform designed to improve individuals’ capacity for self-care of their emotional health and wellbeing. Our experience has shown that providing a wide range of behavioural health services, anonymized peer support, and immediate access to evidence-based tools, accessible 24/7 via a digital platform empowers people to seek help when they are ready.

Our Solution

Our service is supported and moderated by clinically trained health care professionals with expertise in emotional and mental health. BWW includes peer support, creative expression, self-management tools and CBT based courses. The service is available 24/7 on desktop and mobile devices, allowing members to access the community whenever and wherever needed. BWW is an intervention for those feeling low or experiencing emotional or being issues, an early intervention and wrap-around support for those in psychological distress and support for alcohol and other substance abuse issues as well as holistic support for those with chronic medical conditions or other health issues.

‘With 10 years of providing services to members in the UK, Canada and New Zealand, BWW has realized proven results and self-reported outcomes for our members.’
Proven Outcomes

BWW has developed its clinical methodological framework in partnership with one of the leading mental health organizations in the UK, the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. In addition, the company employs an expert clinical team, who govern and provide updates on evidenced-based approaches to providing mental health support services in digital environments. Our science is grounded in models of social health with clinical oversight.

With a decade of experience in providing services to members in the UK, Canada and New Zealand, BWW has realized proven results and self-reported outcomes for our members.

  • 48%
    48% share an issue for the first time
  • 67%
    67% report improved wellbeing after using BWW

These results provide tangible outcomes for our customers through health cost savings, reduced employee absenteeism/presenteeism, decreased depression and anxiety scores and direction from UK NICE guidelines.

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Our Clients

BWW is the credible outcomes-based addition to other services that support participant well-being. Our platform can be used as a standalone offering or as a way for participants to address issues before, during or after other therapeutic interventions. BWW contracts with the following types of service providers:

University Support Services
Military community

Big White Wall Corporate Contacts

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